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Our Price Match Policy

Make Leading Edge Golf your #1 spot for golf clubs, bags, balls, gadgets, apparel, shoes, and accessories. We carry all the top brands and the latest styles!

We Price Match! If you find better pricing on any item in our shop, check to see if it meets these 2 requirements to be approved for a Price Match:

#1. The retailer offering the item at a lower price must be an authorized retailer. This means the manufacturer of the desired item must recognize that retailer and authorize them to sell their product. Most manufacturers have authorized retailers listed on their own websites (to help prevent counterfeit sales). If they aren't authorized, we can't match their price. 

#2. If the retailer is authorized, the pricing in question must be for the exact same in-stock item. For example, if the pricing is for a pair of shoes, they must be the same style, color, size, and width. If it is for a bag, it must be the same model and color. Club or clubs: same model, dexterity, loft, flex, color, etc...

If you find a lower price following these guidelines, let us know!